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Tali’Zorah nar Rayya is a great quarian and a member of Leader Shepard’s squad

From inside the 2183, she’s for her Pilgrimage, the brand new rite out of passing to show the woman worth and you will render some thing useful back to the girl some body aboard the fresh new Migrant Collection. Inside the 2185, that have finished her Pilgrimage, Tali has been trusted that have best an essential lookup objective for the latest Admiralty Board.

Size Perception: Homeworlds

Tali cause on her behalf Pilgrimage on board the fresh new vessel Honorata, crewed because of the Keenah’Breizh. She plans to begin the girl Pilgrimage within Illium, however, en route from the Crescent Nebula, the newest Honorata detects a good geth presence on the an as yet not known frost world. Tali and you can Keenah belongings to investigate, and be able to eliminate an excellent geth unit and you will properly pull the recollections key, that contains a recording out-of a few some body revealing a hit toward the human nest regarding Heaven Primary and the future of your own Reapers. Dreading the other countries in the universe is generally at risk, Tali convinces Keenah that they is always to turn over the fresh recording so you can your local authorities on Illium. In those days, the turian mercenary Jacobus and his awesome cluster, in the world below Saren Arterius’ instructions to track down Prothean technical, assault him or her. It flee to your Honorata and put a program to possess Illium.

Immediately after indeed there, Illium’s docking authorities, prejudiced facing quarians, decline to let the Honorata in order to home for several occasions. This provides Jacobus enough time to house toward Illium basic and you may package a keen ambush. In the event the Honorata eventually lands, Tali and also the team instantly come under flame, as well as the Honorata’s other crew representative try killed. Incapable of come back to the ship, Tali and you will Keenah pack aside for the a shipping boat bound having the new Citadel, where it aspire to provide the geth recording towards the Citadel Council.

The newest transport’s staff discover stowaways, however the captain chooses to change them out over C-Sec in the place of killing him or her. It make an effort to explain to Chellick they have information to the Council, however, he ignores him or her and you can warns them to get off the brand new route in the next date. Immediately following discovering out of Avina there is a 7 month waiting to own a gathering toward Council, they are spotted from the Jacobus, who chases him or her along side Citadel. Tali are attempt inside her front side from inside the pursue, however, Keenah is mortally injured. Coming to an enthusiastic incinerator strong inside Citadel, Keenah cannot maintain Tali and you will dies. Tali renders the girl friend and you will creates a trap regarding her very own to possess Jacobus. In the event the turian goes into the fresh incinerator, she seals new doors behind him and you will turns on it, burning him live.

Arriving at the latest infirmary, Tali is actually managed of the a doctor, in order to whom she informs the story out-of this lady travels while the pointers she taken from brand new geth. A beneficial volus mentions that he is a development broker and can contact the fresh new Shade Agent to make sure that Tali’s advice is also arrived at the best people. He encourages the lady to trust your and you can delivers the woman so you’re able to a good pub in which she can hide out. Tali believes and you will asks where to go.

Mass Feeling

Tali grew up in 2161 onboard the Rayya. Which have attained maturity, she departed the newest Migrant Collection for her Pilgrimage. For her journey she began hearing reports of geth, who’d never ever ventured outside of the Perseus Veil once the operating the lady anybody towards the exile, and you may turned curious. She tracked a patrol regarding geth so you can an uncharted planet, waited up until you to try separated from its tool, next disabled they and eliminated the thoughts key. She retrieved a document from the audio banking companies you to revealed Saren Arterius are trailing the newest attack to the Heaven Perfect, however, having the newest file put this lady Ann Arbor hookup website from inside the grave threat. She was pursued by Saren’s forces, and you will escaped into the Citadel.

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